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Serving families since 1942...

Many Hannibal natives will tell you that they have to stop at the Dinette for homemade root beer, Maid-Rites, or onion rings when they get anywhere near the Dinette. If you ask further, they will recall it being a special treat as a child to come with their parents and grandparents. This was the place their parents had their first date and the place they had their first sip of homemade root beer. Its where they came for breakfast every Sunday and picked up Maid-Rites from the carhop after a little league game. 

We are honored that our family can serve yours and be the place to gather and share these memories. Every child is not the same and neither are their palates. Our kids menu features everything from local favorites (Maid-Rites and Tenderloins), selections for picky eaters (Chicken Nuggets, Mini Corn Dogs, and Kraft Macaroni), to healthy options (Grilled Chicken Breast and Grilled Chicken Salad). 

In our establishment you will find checkers to keep the kids entertained at every table. Our kids menu also features a map of our downtown as a coloring activity. It also serves as a scavenger hunt for after your meal. Collect 5 of the 10 Scavenger Hunt activities and return for a free kids cone with adult purchase.

For more detail click below to view our 2017 Kid's Menu:

Kids Menu & Coloring Page Map - Mark Twain Dinette - Hannibal, MO