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Battle of the Burgers Week 10


Without further ado, we will announce the Week 9 results and the Week 10 contender burger. If you want to know more about Battle of the Burgers, the standings, and more please read below! 

French Onion Burger

Week 9 Winner

French Onion Burger

The Week 9 Winner is the French Onion Burger! This twist on a classic Mushroom and Swiss is made on a third pound burger topped with a house made french onion dip, sautéed mushrooms and onions, swiss cheese, and served on a brioche bun. 

Steampunk Burger - Mark Twain Dinette

Bye for now!

The Steampunk Burger has held the longest winning streak of 5 weeks.

We're sad to go the Steampunk Burger go (as we know many of you are too!). Don't worry though! It will make a reappearance. And we will definitely be finding some new ways to use bacon jam!

MO Burger - Mark Twain Dinette

Week 10 Contender

The MO Burger

The Week 10 contender is actually one of our menu item burger that in light of the Battle of the Burgers needs a chance to stand in the spotlight. This burger sparked our creative burger engines with our menu change in June leading to the Battle of the Burgers. This week's contender will be our MO Burger. This third pound burger is topped with our smoked pork, house made cole slaw, cheddar cheese, drizzled with BBQ and Buffalo sauce, and served on a brioche bun.

This burger will be available for online ordering starting tomorrow, October 8th, 2017. Until then you can still enjoy the French Onion Burger and Steampunk for dine-in, drive-in, or delivery!

What is Battle of the Burgers?

For those of you who are jumping in at Week 10, let us fill you in! Battle of the Burgers is specials series we are running at the Dinette for an indeterminate amount of time (until you or we get bored probably!). So far it's been good fun and allows us to get creative come up with some awesome burgers every week.

The way it works is we pit to burger together in the ring and they battle it out to continue another week. How does a burger win? That's the great part! YOU CHOOSE. Whichever burger is ordered the most continues to the following week.

What have the standings been so far?

Here's a little background on the standings so far! We think every burger has been great and many we wished would have went another week. Here's the burgers we have done so far:

  1. Week 1: Mac N' Cheese Melt vs. Apple Gouda Bacon Burger
  2. Week 2: Mac N' Cheese Melt vs. The Three Little Pigs
  3. Week 3: Mac N' Cheese Melt vs. The Quesadilla Burger
  4. Week 4: Mac N' Cheese Melt vs. The Steampunk Burger
  5. Week 5: The Steampunk Burger vs. The Vizzini Burger
  6. Week 6: The Steampunk Burger vs. The LGBTQ Burger
  7. Week 7: The Steampunk Burger vs. The Shoeless Joe
  8. Week 8: REMATCH: The Steampunk Burger vs. The Shoeless Joe
  9. Week 9: The Steampunk Burger vs. The French Onion Burger
  10. Week 10: The French Onion Burger vs. The MO Burger
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