January 2nd - January 8th

Here are the soups, specials and deals for January 2nd through January 8th at The Mark Twain Dinette. See more details below. Have a great week!

Your New Year's Resolution Delivered.

Did you know that we have a gluten free menu*? We also offer portobello mushrooms as a meat substitution on many of our menu items as a vegetarian option. Our menu also features salads, grilled chicken, and more. Just because it's time for a New Year's resolution, doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying eating out!

Better yet, you can have it all delivered! Call (573)221-5300 to place an order today.


Monday, January 2nd

  • Breakfast Special: Mushroom and Swiss Omelette
    • A two egg omelette with mushrooms, swiss, and onions. Served with choice of toast. Vegetarian friendly. 5.00
  • Lunch & Dinner Special: Portobello Cheesesteak
    • Grilled seasoned, portobello mushroom slices, sautéed onion, and green peppers on a hoagie bun with cheese sauce. Served with choice of one side. 8.95
  • Soup: Chef's Choice


Tuesday, JANUARY 3rD

  • Breakfast Special: Cocoa-Banana French Toast
    • French toast topped with banana slices, chocolate chips, and whipped topping. 7.49.
  • Lunch & Dinner Special: Apple Cheddar Bacon Salad
    • Apple slices, bacon bits, and cheddar on arcadia blend lettuce served with hot bacon dressing. 8.95
  • Soup: White Chicken Chili


Wednesday, JANUARY 4th

  • Breakfast Special: Steak & Eggs Sandwich

    • Deep fried, breaded veal topped with cream gravy and a fried egg made to order on a kaiser bun. Comes with your choice of side. $8.95

  • Lunch & Dinner Special: Smoked Pork Platter

    • Our Pork is seasoned and smoked for 8+ hours. Served on a platter with Sweet Baby Ray’s and your choice of two sides. 8.95

  • Soup: Chef's Choice.


Thursday, JANUARY 5th

  • Breakfast Special: Turtle Pancakes
    • Two pancakes drizzled with caramel and hot fudge. Topped with nuts. 6.99.
  • Lunch & Dinner Special: Chicken-Bacon-Ranch Tacos
  • Toasted tortillas with cheddar, grilled chicken, and bacon topped with shredded lettuce and tomatoes and drizzled with ranch. 8.49
  • Soup: Creamy Tomato.



  • Breakfast Specials: Smoked Pork Hash Brown Special
    • Three eggs, hash browns, smoked pork, green peppers, and onions folded into an omelette with cheddar. Served with choice of toast. 8.95.
  • Lunch & Dinner Special: Portobello Parmesan
    • A fried portobello mushroom coated in Parmesan on a bed of spaghetti with marinara served with a garlic Parmesan breadstick. 8.95
  • Soup: Chicken Pot Pie


Saturday, JANUARY 7TH

  • Breakfast Specials: Steak and Potatoes Omelette
    • Three eggs, thinly sliced steak, diced potatoes, and cream gravy folded into an omelette with cheddar. Served with a choice of toast. 8.95.
  • Lunch & Dinner Special: Cuban Sandwich
    • Ham, smoked pork, swiss, pickles, and sweet mustard on a toasted hoagie bun. Includes choice of one side. $8.49
  • Soup: Philly Cheesesteak


Sunday, January 8th

  • Breakfast Specials: Ham and Egg Horseshoe
    • Texas toast topped with ham, eggs made to order, French fries, and cheese sauce. 8.95
  • Lunch & Dinner Special: Dinette Horseshoe
    • Texas toast topped with Maid-Rite, homemade onion rings, cheese sauce, and chili ranch. 8.95
  • Soup: Loaded Potato